Each year Wichita Council of Engineering Societies (WCES) recognizes two members from our engineering community for their community service efforts. The Engineering Service Award is open to all WCES society members while the Outstanding Young Engineer Award requires the former and the member to be under the age of thirty-five (35) with a maximum of 10 years experience (post BS).

Both awards are presented at the Annual Engineers Week Banquet, hosted by the Engineering Council. Nominations must be electronically submitted to Patrick French by February 9, 2023. Information regarding nomination criteria, forms for nomination, and past winners are listed below:

General Criteria For Awards
  • Nominee must be a member in good standing (dues paid) of the nominating engineering society affiliated with WCES.

  • Nominee must have contributed time and effort utilizing engineering abilities in one or more of the following areas:
    • Public Service - application of professional abilities, ie: tutoring, Math Counts, Science Olympiad, science fairs, scouting, public boards, etc.
    • Public Awareness - acceptance/promotion of profession, ie: speaker bureau, career guidance, etc.
    • Professionalism - advancement of the profession, ie: helping with engineering exams, career planning/enhancement/counseling, teaching technical continuing education courses, engineering legislative concerns (pensions and patents), engineering advancement committees, and engineering organization offices (local or national).

  • Nominee's volunteering efforts must be:
    • current, as opposed to several years ago
    • an investment of substantial personal (uncompensated) time
    • personal and direct, as opposed to financial support
    • public service, as opposed to in conjunction with services for family members

  • Exempt from Nomination:
    • current WCES representatives and/or alternates
    • current chair or president of WCES affiliated society

  • Nominees should be informed of his/her nomination or may nominate themselves.

  • General Reference Guidance
    • two references required
    • references should be from people familiar with nominee and volunteer efforts (co-workers, society members, etc.)

Engineering Service Award
Year Recipient Society
1990 Bill Pritchard SME
1991 Catherine Plotkin ASME
1992 Edwin B. Midkiff ASQC
1993 George Dean, PE IEEE
1994 Bonnie L. Johnson SWE
1995 William R. Wenzlaff SAE
1996 Jim Grandfield SAE
1997 Wilmer Freund, PE WSPE
1998 Lynn Whorton AFE
1999 Christine Cathcart SWE
2000 William J. Wilhelm, PE WSPE
2001 Walt Thompson SAE
2002 Michael E. Richerson SAE
2003 Lawrence D Hole PE WSPE
2004 Barbara J Davis SWE
2005 Paul Pendleton SAE
2006 Richard Halloway AIAA
2007 Suzanna Moore SWE
2008 Jerry Shoemaker SAE
2009 Randal Atkeisson AIAA
2010 Robert J Potter ASNT
2011 Eric Mead ASQ
2012 Catherine Rocky SWE
2013 No Award NA
2014 Patrick Brown NA
2015 Vicki Johnson, PhD INCOSE
2016 Tim Austin, P.E. WSPE
2018 Minisa Childers AIAA
2019 Daniel Schrant, PE ASCE
2020 Cindy Hoover SWE
Outstanding Young Engineer
Year Recipient Society
2011 Allison Wright SWE
2012 Sean Miller PE ASHRAE
2013 Kirsten Jensen ASQ
2015 Rachel Battershaw SME
2016 Nick Garcia SAE
2017 Benjamin Martin SAE
2018 James Chen, PhD AIAA
2019 Hannah Morris SWE
2020 Sarah Niles SWE
2023 Elena Davidson SWE