Past Presidents

Established in 1989, the Wichita Council of Engineering Societies has a long list of those who have served. Below is a list of our past presidents over the years.

Year President Society
1990 George Dean IEEE
1991 George Dean IEEE
1992 Pat Renze AIAA
1993 Pat Renze AIAA
1994 Herb Coin AFE
1995 Bill Coatney SAE
1996 Deb Miller IIE
1997 Lloyd Hanna ASQC
1998 Larry Hole ASME
1999 Larry Hole ASME
2000 Jim Ubert ASCE
2001 Jim Ubert ASCE
2002 Herb Coin AFE
2003 Suzanne Moore SWE
2004 Walt Thompson SAE
2005 Richard Bowman ASREA
2006 George Dean IEEE
2007 Jason Mohler WSPE
2008 Catherine Rocky SWE
2009 Paul Pendleton SAE
2010 Pat Brown SAWE
2011 Michael Rogers NSBE
2012 Jeff Gardner WSPE
2013 Catherine Rocky WCES
2014 Paul Pendleton SAE
2015 Lawrence Whitman IIE
2016 Steve Huscher SME
2017 Steve Huscher SME
2018 Steve Huscher SME